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Penguin Dust! I want Penguin Dust!

Tommy Snakehips
Welcome to the Life and Times of Jiminy Bastard, wordsmith, knowledge junkie and barbitch. Entries will provide you with 95% of your daily snark requirements, however may contain traces of nuts and honesty, and may cause anaphylactic shock in more delicate readers.

- I am not allowed to let sock puppets take responsibility for my actions.
- I am not allowed to let sock puppets take command of my post
- Claymore mines are not filled with yummy candy and it is wrong to tell the new soldiers that they are.
- The following words and phrases may not be used in a cadence- Budding sexuality, necrophilia, I hate everyone in this formation and wish they were dead, sexual lubrication, black earth mother, all Marines are latent homosexuals, Tantric yoga, Gotterdammerung, Korean hooker, Eskimo Nell, we've all got jackboots now, slut puppy, or any references to squid.

-Ganked from 213 Things That Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The US Army. Findable here: http://www.skippyslist.com/skippylist.html

"Some people are like slinkies. They don't really have a purpose. But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs"
-Jodi 27/10/06
Jodi understands me :)

This is just damn funny.

As is this:

the ca who walks by himself

'O my Enemy and Wife of my Enemy and Mother of my Enemy', said the Cat, 'it is I; for you have spoken three words in my praise, and now I can drink the warm white milk three times a day for always and always and always. But still I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.'

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